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Pondhan Scaffolding Pvt. Ltd.

  • Customized Fabrication
    We are engaged in providing reliable custom built fabrication to the clients which involved in latest technology. We fabricate our design by utilizing a variety of materials. We give the best designs done by professional welders with certification in fabrication. Customized fabrication includes testing, rolling, punching, cutting, bending, welding.
  • Manufacturing And Selling
    Pondhan Scaffolding gives the highly customized designs according to the customer need. Our team is specialized in manufacturing a wide range with superior quality and superior techniques. Our services include ending, forming welding, machining. Our services are timely delivered to the customers all over the world. We also provide export and manufacture around the globe with superior designs. Our services are charged with reasonably prized and almost policies which satisfies the customers.
  • Rental
    Pondhan team provides the qualified services to the customer with standard and strategies which help our clients. For the benefits of the customers, we now provide rental services. One can choose from our services based on their requirement at best affordable price.
At present
A manufacturing vast range
of scaffolding accessories
Our manufacturing units located at
various centers have given a greater store on creation of ideas and its implementation based on all technical aspects and methods.
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